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Professionally recorded and digitally mastered CD, entitled the Lamentations of Holy and Great Saturday.  Utilizing the traditional Byzantine melodies, this 74-minute English version of the Lamentations is the only professionally recorded full-length English version of the Lamentations in the world. The Byzantine melodies assigned to this special Holy Week service are beautifully sung and deeply prayerful, and would make an exceptional gift or an outstanding addition to any music library. Below is more information about the CD contents:

Stasis 1: 28:36 Minutes – Christ is crucified and laid in the tomb

Stasis 2: 29:54 Minutes – The earth trembles in travail at the sacrifice of the Creator of life

Stasis 3: 15:20 Minutes – In His death lies the Hope of the Resurrection

Byzantine Chant is among the most ancient forms of Christian hymnody. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, all worship services primarily consist of chant and choral singing. During Great Lent, no sacred music is more poignant or powerful than the three distinct Byzantine melodies used in this version of the Lamentations. It is said that the angels praise God through song. This CD seeks to emulate the angels and encourages listeners to reach with heart, mind, and voice to glorify the Creator—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The retail cost of each CD is $16. Standard trade discounts apply for bookstores and bulk orders.  For wholesale, bulk, or international orders, please contact bookstore@joyofallwhosorrow.org.

30-second clips of each stasis can be heard below. View a PDF of the Front Cover and Back Cover.

Stasis 1: Christ is crucified and laid in the tomb.  Stasis-1-Clip

Stasis 2: The earth trembles in travail at the sacrifice of the Creator of life. Stasis-2-Clip

Stasis 3: In His death lies the hope of the Resurrection.  Stasis-3-Clip