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Whitney Hike

  • Our church has been awarded an overnight hiking permit for Mt Whitney (highest peak in the lower 48 states, elevation of 14.5 thousand feet) on June 9-10th.  The group size for the trail to the top of Mt Whitney is limited to four people (22 miles round trip), while a bigger group is allowed to camp at the trailhead on the bank of Lone Pine Creek (up to 15 people).  This is a great opportunity for communal fellowship and outdoor experience.

  • Here you can find a detailed review of Mt Whitney hike and what it takes to get to the top: modernhiker.com.

  • Tentative schedule:

    • Sunday, June 8th: after the Divine Liturgy (Pentecost) and potluck meal carpool to US-395 North and Whitney Portal Rd (about 4 hours: driving directions on google map).

    • Camp set up at site G2 on Whitney Portal (elevation 8,000 feet, part of Inyo National Forest) on the bank of Lone Pine Creek.

      • Activities and prayers

    • Monday, June 9th: a group of four starts on the overnight hike to the top of Mt Whitney; the rest remains at the base camp and enjoys a day of hiking, fishing, and praying.

    • Tuesday, June 10th: descent of the group of four; pack up; and return to LA.

  • here is the list of necessary supplies and equipment

  • Please contact Anatoly or Phillip to sign up and receive detailed instructions: iconjoyofallwhosorrow@gmail.com