About the Recording

About the Recording

Byzantine Chant is among the most ancient forms of Christian hymnody. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, all worship services primarily consist of chant and choral singing. During Great Lent, no sacred music is more powerful than the three distinct melodies used in this version of the Lamentations.  It is said that the angels praise God through song. This CD seeks to emulate the angels and encourages listeners with reach with heart, mind, and voice to glorify the creator—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


  • Choir: Fr John Tomasi, Lydia Given, Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church Choir
  • Producer: Gary Miller
  • Executive Producers: Vlad Tyurin and Rimma Drozdov
  • Sound Engineer: Alexander Afonin
  • Sound Editing: Anton Tyurin
  • Mixing: Jason Rankins

Copyright Information

Text of the Lamentations: Copyright © Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, MA. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Website: www.thehtm.org

This 2011 recording: Copyright © Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church (OCA), Culver City, CA. All rights reserved. Website: joyofallwhosorrow.org

About Our Church

Ours is a very active church, featuring several ministries and characteristics that make the Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Culver City unique and exciting. We welcome people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life to come in and find peace within our walls, a place to pray, a place to visit, a place to comfort the soul. And with the emphasis on Christian community, and a focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, our outreach to the world is ever-expanding.

Originally mentored by Orthodox Christian monastics, our founders embraced the spiritual practice of frequent prayers and sacraments, including attention to the ancient Christian cycle of services. Since worship in the Orthodox Church is almost always chanted or sung, this has resulted in a lively music ministry that extends out from our Los Angeles location to the entire world through our CDs, collaboration with other Orthodox churches, and online presence.

Outreaches of our church include an energetic prison ministry, a well-stocked and beautiful bookstore, lending library, Children’s Education Program, annual events to celebrate seasons and holy days, guest lecturers and concerts, and a church that is open to the public, often every day of the week, all generating a Christian fellowship of believers striving together to celebrate the joys and share in the sorrows of life.

Values Statement:

TO INSPIRE—It is our goal to inspire others through our work as a church community, setting an example of Christians who are known by their love.

TO OFFER HOPE—We acknowledge the absence of hope in our society, and envision the remedy to be the healing nature of our Church as a hospital for souls, wherein all are welcomed.

TO SERVE—At the heart of our mission we strive to serve our world, community, and all individuals who come to us for help or to offer aid.

Vision Statement:

To serve the needs of people everywhere by building a permanent Orthodox Church in West Los Angeles and bringing inspiration and hope to the world.